Hear Us

Trip 5 (May 2024)

For the second of our new set of visits, we travel with just three people and meet two who travelled earlier to the island, with the party consisting of Alan Dunn, Matt Green, Chris Watson, Kristina Nenova and Frankie Mazzotta. We travel from Liverpool on the Manannan and take the traditional Bee Gees photo.

We set sail on Friday 3rd May and upon landing, head straight down to Port St Mary for two-hours at sea with Dr Michelle Haywood on her Discover Diving boat The Endeavour. We hear the lighthouse service ship, diesel-engined fishing boats and, as they all sail away and we near the cliffs, the glorious sounds of pistol shrimps. On Saturday morning we head to Port Erin to meet up with some amazing artists, musicians, engagement officers and designers to do some recording and chatting, before hopping on the steam train back to Douglas. In the evening, Chris gives his talk Wavelengths: Songs under the Surface for about 150 people at the Manx Museum. On Sunday, we record down at Scarlett Bay before heading back via Peel and Douglas to Port St Mary again to spend another two hours between 6-8pm on The Endeavour and sail back to Liverpool on Bank Holiday Monday, recording more limpets from Douglas harbour wall and catching up with Cian Quayle on the way.

Alan Dunn (6 May 2024)